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Adjustable Bed Sheets

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 London Bridge LinensCotton Guard Mattress Pad Waterproof

Our company has been selling Adjustable Bed Sheets, Mattress Pads, Heating Units and Adjustable Bed Pillows Since 1964.  Adjustable Bed Sheets use to be pretty hard to find.  If you are getting a standard size, you can usually buy the same type of regular, flat bed sheets in major department stores or bedding stores.  If you own our most popular size:  Twin Extra Long, 38" x 80" - this also should be available in department stores.  If you own the odd sizes:  30" x 80" (dual queen) or 38" x 84" or 36" x 84" or 53" x 80" or 53" x 84" or 60" x 80", you are going to be "out of luck" finding sheets, and have to by from an Adjustable Bed Dealer, like ourselves.

Regular Size Beds that you should not have too much trouble buying locally in a major department store or bedding store are:  Twin Regular 38" x 74", Full Regular 53" x 74"; Queen 60" x 80", California King 72" x 84" and Eastern King 76" x 80".  If you are having a lot of trouble working with the sheets you already have - they are falling off, or they are not big enough for your big mattress, please call us at (800)733-1818.  The same is true with our mattress pads.

You don't want to buy the most comfortable bed in the world - an adjustable bed - and have trouble with your bottom sheets falling off.  We have the Nation's Best Selection of Adjustable Bed Bottom Sheets and Mattress Pads and Waterproof Mattress Pads - at the WORLD'S LOWEST PRICES (800)733-1818 - available for immediate shipping.

Select a product, size, length, width, depth, material . . . and enjoy!

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Adjustable beds have some unique needs, and come in sizes that aren't easy to find.  London Bridge Linens has been serving the Adjustable Bed industry for years, and we've got the solutions you need to get the most out of your new Adjustable Bed.

London Bridge Linens


Our best selling Adjustable Bed Sheets are also our most economical.  On a Quality Test between 1 and 10; 10 being the best, they are a 7.5.  They are good, and they are very economical.  We stock them in Blue, Beige and White for Immediate Delivery or Shipping.

These London Bridge Adjustable Bed Sheets are 50-50 Cotton (See 1st Column Pricing).  aluminum folding ramps wheelchair scooter

adjustable bed quality sheetsLeggett and Platt makes an exceptional quality Waterproof Mattress Pad that is breathable - better, in our opinion, than the similar brand sold by London Bridge.  YES!  Waterproof and Breathable.  They have two models:  Deluxe Quilted and Non-Quilted.  We usually have the Non-Quilted Available for Immediate Delivery. 



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MicroPlush Mattress Protector
Orthopedic Pillows

View Full SizePillows are a matter of personal preference.  We stock certain pillows because they work great with adjustable beds:  The Cervical Pillow is available with a beige, blue and white cover.  We also have economical Memory Foam Pillows (as opposed to the VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE Tempur-pedic Pillows); we also have our Butterfly Pillow; and we have our very popular Latex Pillows available in Standard (twin), Queen and King.